Looking to get started with a sample kit program? AnalyzIt offers kits from independent labs, which come with management reports designed to help you safely optimize your current drain intervals. In addition to standard alerts if contamination or excessive wear is detected, AnalyzIt will put individual unit reports into a fleet perspective. We'll also compare your results with our database of over 250,000 engine samples.

Each sample will be tested for the following:

  • Wear Metals
  • Contaminants - Glycol, Fuel & Water Dilution, Soot
  • Oxidation & Sulfation
  • Viscosity and Total Base Number (TBN)

  • Pricing includes postage pre-paid mailing containers. Oil extraction kits (suction pump & 100' tubing) are also available.
    To order please call 888-266-4739.

    Sample Kits Unit Cost*
    20-40 $18.50 ea
    50-100 $18.00 ea
    110-300 $17.50 ea
    300-500 $16.50 ea

    *Shipped in cases of 10 sample kits to a box. 2 box - 20 sample kit - minimum order. Tax and Shipping additional.